Kim Jiwoong December 2023

Kim Jiwoong December 2023

Jiwoong of ZeroBaseOne: Our Festive Idol of the Month Spreading Christmas Cheer in December!


Introduction: 'Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to kick off the holiday spirit than by celebrating our Idol of the Month. We are thrilled to shine the spotlight on the talented and charismatic  Kim Jiwoong, a standout member of the sensational 5th Generation K-pop boy group ZEROBASEONE. Jiwoong secured his spot as the Idol of the Month through your enthusiastic participation in our Instagram poll. Earning the special title of our Christmas Idol for December.

Festive Performances: Recently, ZEROBASEONE has made their comeback with their 2nd mini album Melting Point. With the songs:

Track List:
2. Take My Hand
3. CRUSH (가시)
4. Kids Zone
5. Good Night

Melting Point, a track that encapsulates the warmth and magic of the holiday season. The accompanying music video, recently unveiled to eager fans, transports viewers to a winter wonderland. A charming and cosy setting adorned with snow, festive decorations, and the members of ZEROABSEONE dressed in stylish winter attire. Embodying a cute and soft version of themselves that adds an extra layer of charm to the performance. ZEROSEs (ZEROBASEONE's fandom name for their fans) have been quick to express their love for Melting Point, praising the group for delivering a holiday anthem that brings joy and warmth to the winter season.

Before ZEROBASEONE: Jiwoong has debuted in other groups including INX, B.I.T and ATEEN. As well as being an actor in many TV shows. For example he has acted in "The Sweet Blood" and "Kissable Lips". Jiwoong who was born 14 December 1998 always displayed a keen interest in music always wanting to be a successful idol. Leading to him joining a survival show called Boy's Planet.

Boy's Planet: Boy's Planet was a survival show which created the group ZEROBASEONE. Where boys from all over the world joined to have a chance at achieving their dream. Contestants underwent rigorous training, faced various challenges, and navigated the intense pressure of eliminations. They would then be ranked by public vote only, Jiwoong's resilience and commitment stood out, to the talented but strict mentors but also capturing the hearts of the show's viewers. Allowing Jiwoong to maintain a spot in the top9 in every elimination. Securing his position in the debuting team, allowing his and his loyal fans determination and effort to pay off.

Awards and Achievements: Even though ZEROBASEONE is a newly debuted group. They have won many awards including the prestigious Rookie of the Year award at MAMA 2023, very recently. Jiwoong's ecstatic reactions to ZEROBASEONE's victories not only reflect his genuine joy but also solidify his endearing role as the "fake maknae" (youngest member) within the group. Fans affectionately refer to Jiwoong as the "fake maknae" due to his playful and youthful demeanour, contrasting with the traditional role of the oldest member in other K-pop groups. The "fake maknae" trend gains traction on social media, with fans using hashtags and making edits to celebrate Jiwoong's playful role within the group.

Closing Thoughts: As we celebrate Jiwoong as our Idol of the Month, let's continue to shower him with love and support. Whether you've been a fan since the beginning of Boy's Planet or even earlier when he was in other groups or even as an actor. Or whether you recently discovered the magic of Jiwoong and ZEROBASEONE, there's no denying the impact of their talent on the K-pop scene. Stay tuned for more updates on Jiwoong's journey, like their upcoming Japanese debut. Your enthusiastic participation in the voting process has not only showcased the immense support for Jiwoong and ZEROBASEONE but has also demonstrated the strength and passion of our community. Showing the true strength of music.

Looking Ahead to 2024: As we are getting ready to bid farewell to 2023, we are excitedly looking forward to a new year filled with more music, more idols, and more opportunities to celebrate the incredible talents within the K-pop industry. Your votes hold the power to shape the narrative of our monthly features, and hope you carry on with your suggestions of who you want to see for January. Before we turn the page to the new year, we want to take a moment to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas and a joyous holiday season. Until then we will carry on celebrating Jiwoong for our "Idol of the Month" for December!

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