TEMPEST 1st Single 폭풍 속으로 (Signed Edition)
TEMPEST 1st Single 폭풍 속으로 (Signed Edition)
TEMPEST 1st Single 폭풍 속으로 (Signed Edition)


TEMPEST 1st Single 폭풍 속으로 (Signed Edition)

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Official Album Signed By All Members

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Includes: Photobook, CD-R, Postacard (11 each), Folded Poster, Sticker, Logo Sticker (2 each), Random Identity Card (1/7), Random Photocard (1/14), Random Unit Photocard (1/3).

Track List:
1. Vroom Vroom 
3. Bluetooth

Members: LEW, Hanbin, Hyeongseop, Hyuk, Hwarang, Eunchan, and Taerae.

Release Date:
September 22, 2023